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Artist Ellen Fernandes holds a Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences from the Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM), having written works on folklore manifestations in the city of Manaus, and on popular Amazonian music . This social perspective permeates the artist's musical trajectory.

The artist holds a Master's degree in Ethnomusicology from the University of São Paulo (USP) where she presented the work "The musical network Sateré Mawé and singing as a root: music, memory and conciliation", where she dives into the sound of the indigenous Amazonian ethnic group Sateré Mawé, the from the musical memory of the Waikiru community.


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The singer released her first authorial CD "Batelão da Amazônia" in March of that year. A cd focused on the Amazon theme, with 10 original tracks. It was produced by the musician Fi Maróstica. 

Batelão is a wooden boat, the name chosen by the artist to symbolize the musical journey, the sounds, the narratives present in the construction of this work, which united traditional and modern.

The launch show took place on the stage of Teatro Amazonas and is available on all digital platforms.

Ellen has a BA in Music and a specialist in Popular Music from Faculdade Campo Limpo.




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Ellen Fernandes is an entrepreneur in the art field. She is a partner-owner of Casa Som Amazônia, a musical house based in the city of Manaus (Amazonas), which houses various services in the field of music, such as courses, artistic mentoring, concerts and music production. The House also promotes the dissemination of artists from the northern region of the country, being a space that privileges music as an important element of quality of life and as a thread of social transformation, something that is always present in all the professional vector that the artist is involved in. creates, participates and gets involved.




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